What is a Mobile Driver's License?


Oct 30, 2023

Oct 30, 2023

💡 What is a Mobile Driver's License?

A Mobile Driver's License, or mDL (also known as a digital ID), is a digital representation of your driver's license stored on your smartphone. Essentially, it's an electronic version of the physical card that you can carry on your mobile device. MDLs contain all the relevant information that your physical license has, including your name, date of birth, photo, address, and driving privileges. Within your smartphone, the mDL can be stored in a wallet app. Various wallet apps are supported to keep your mDL depending on the jurisdiction where your electronic document is issued.

💡 Benefits of mDL

 Using a mobile Driver’s License is becoming more common worldwide. mDLs can be used in many scenarios, such as purchasing age-restricted items, opening bank accounts, renting or sharing cars, going through airport security, accessing secure locations, and more. The use of mDLs can help reduce the risk of identity theft and fraud by providing a secure and convenient way to verify personal information. It can also help reduce the need for physical documents and decrease the time and cost associated with verifying identity information.
Mobile Driver’s Licenses offer several benefits over traditional physical driver’s licenses. Here are some of them:

👉 Convenience: mDLs can be stored on smartphones, making them easily accessible and reducing the need to carry a physical card.

👉Security: mDLs use advanced technologies such as biometrics and cryptography to enhance security and prevent fraud.

👉Privacy: mDLs are designed to protect the privacy of the holder by only sharing necessary information with relying parties.

👉Efficiency: mDLs enable faster and more efficient identity transactions by providing a proven and safe identity authentication.


ISO/IEC 18013 is a series of standards that define the format and content of personal identification cards, such as driver’s licenses. ISO/IEC 18013-5 and ISO/IEC 18013-7 standards establish guidelines for the interface between the mDL and mDL reader, and the interface between the mDL reader and the issuing authority infrastructure, as well as specify requirements for mobile driving license add-on functions, such as how they can be presented online to verify a holder’s identity.
These standards create a set of requirements on how electronic IDs should be made and how the whole infrastructure should operate. It ensures that mDLs will be interoperable among different issuing authorities, and relying parties can use the same equipment to verify the identity of a customer no matter where its mDL is issued.

💡Sehaci’s role

Sehaci is a fast-growing company focusing on personal identification solutions. We offer an SDK that enables mDL verification support for your mobile app, allowing your mDL-holding customers to verify their identity within the app without a hitch.